What to Do in a Car Accident

A car accident is never something that is planned, hence the term ‘car accident’. However, in the event that something happens while you’re on the road, it’s important to know what to do when a car accident occurs. Along with getting in touch with a tampa car accident attorney, there are some other essential steps that must be taken.

Move to Safety

If you are able to move without causing or worsening any injuries, move yourself and the vehicle to a safe location. If the vehicle cannot be moved, make sure that your hazard lights are turned on so that others know your vehicle is not moving out of their way. You can also use flares if you have them, which have the same effect as your hazard lights while also getting the attention of the authorities.

Call the Authorities

Speaking of the authorities, you should get in touch with the police as soon as you are sure you are safe so that they can create a police report. This report is essential and provides critical information about the accident that is used by your insurance company when you file a claim. Cooperate, but do not place blame on anyone for the cause of the accident – let the police judge the event objectively.

Gather Information

There is a lot of information that should be gathered after an accident occurs, such as:

·    Insurance information

·    License plate numbers

·    Names of people involved

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·    Names and badge numbers or police

·    Where the accident occurred

·    Eyewitness information

·    Types of vehicles involved

By taking these steps, you can remain safe during a car accident and get the help you need. Remember to stay calm and to gather as much information and documentation as possible so that your insurance company can handle things on their end.