4 Types of Cases a Personal Injury Lawyer Handles

If you are injured by the responsibility of another person, you may find yourself amidst a lawsuit.  While it’s the last experience you want, it’s important to get justice where it is due and when you’ve been caused life-altering injuries because of someone else, it is time to get what you are owed. You’ve paid for their mistake enough and it’s time to speak to a personal injury law grand prairie tx expert to find out the next best steps to take in the matter.

Personal injury lawyers handle a variety of types of cases. Speak to the lawyer at no cost during a free, no obligation consultation if you’ve been injured in any of the following ways:

1- Car Accidents

A car accident is the most common type of incident a personal injury lawyer handles. Many car accidents result in permanent disabilities or serious injuries that an insurance company isn’t ready to handle, but a lawyer can.

2- Dog Bites

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It is important to hire a lawyer if you are bitten by a dog and have sustained serious injuries as a result. You have the right to get your medical bills paid as well as money for pain and suffering, but only if the dog was not on a chain or other circumstances apply.

3- Assault

Did you know that you have a right to compensation if you are assaulted by another person and sustain injuries? Far too many people do not seek justice after an assault. Don’t be one of those people when it is rightfully owed to you, but make sure there is an attorney to guide you through the complex process.

4- Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit is another matter in which you need the expertise of an attorney to handle. You may want to file a wrongful death lawsuit if you’ve had a loved one killed by another person due to a car accident, DUI crash, etc.