Tools For A Notary

Becoming a notary is a big responsibility.  With this power you will be able to officiate legal documents, perform weddings, and act as a legal representative in some official capacities.  Learning how to become a notary will be your first step in the process.  Each state will have their own requirements and documents that need to be filled out and signed.  Then when you are an official notary you will need to purchase some specific tools.

Notary Impression “Official” Seal Embosser

how to become a notary

This embosser is used in conjunction with notary stickers.  This embosser will have your name and notary information within the seal.  Placing the piece of paper within the seal and pressing down will create the imprint into the paper.  Once your seal is in the paper the notary will need to add the specific date that it was notarized on before it becomes official.

Embosser Standard Inker

Essentially this is an ink pad.  It will be round and the right size for your specific stamp.  The inker will also have black ink with is the required color for all notaries.

Embosser Foil Starburst Seals

A notary has the ability to use official starburst seals.  These seals will be placed on the paper to be notarized and then using the stamper create an impression in the sticker revealing the notary information.  The seals come in an assortment of different colors with the most popular being gold.

When becoming a notary there is a level or responsibility placed on you.  However, you don’t have to notarize anything or everything.  You can use your abilities as you see fit.  You can also charge a small sum for your services.  Starting at around five dollars for a standard notarized piece of paper, becoming a notary might be a way to generate a small side income.